2/3 Australian Asian Women Don't Date Asian Men

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Re: 2/3 Australian Asian Women Don't Date Asian Men

Postby DonJohnson » Wed Oct 17, 2018 1:57 pm

penxv wrote:Playing football isn't about black or white. It's about getting pussy. You could win three state championships in wrestling and you wouldn't get a tenth of the blowjobs that you would get for being a half-decent football player in high school. That's just America. When a mother tells her son "no" to football she is cockblocking him immediately and setting him up for failure in the future.

Yes it is

Do Asian boys have the physical traits to play football? Do their parents push them toward football?

Football is a sport built around size and athleticism. 2 traits that most Asian boys simply do not have. Nor do they have the nurturing of their parents to incline them toward football

The point flew over your head.

What ur saying is like why don’t Asian guys just star in Monster dick porn? They can do it

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