France to make Vaccinations Mandatory

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Ethan Allen
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Re: France to make Vaccinations Mandatory

Postby Ethan Allen » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:56 pm

SRBrant wrote:
Masato wrote:I do believe the concept of vaccines is valid, and that some are great and do a fine job. I don't even mind populations getting certain provenly safe and effective vaccines in mass.

I just think that the concept and business of vaccines is RIPE for abuse and risk... they can clearly be harmful too, whether by oversight or by intention. Too much will permanently fuck up our biology over generations, our immune system is being compromised, new ingredients introduced to the body etc.

Vaccines are also HUGE money-makers; if a company can convince a government to mass-produce and deliver their product well that's top business. And we all know that people can be trusted to have our best interest in mind when billions of dollars are being made, right?

And from a more conspiratorial perspective, it would be SO easy to manipulate entire continents of people via vaccines, whether to stimulate symptoms that can later generate even more money for other corporate medical partners, or to pacify us or sterilize us or fuck up our genders or whatever you can image from evil fucks like Rockefeller was, etc... sometimes a I suspect this has already been done to some degree.

I also think anything that starts to be mandatory by the state is a very slippery slope and scary. We really have sacrificed Freedom for safety

I've had my shots and my immune system's as strong as ever. I only get sick like once a year and I haven't puked in two years.

This post has been brought to you by Merck.

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Postby Winnson » Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:38 am

if vaccinations were effective against disease, wouldn't only the kids not getting vaccinated be at risk? The argument is if everyone isn't vaccinated and one kid gets sick, everybody dies, proving vaccinations worthless after all.

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