When someone says "Ill Pray For You"

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Joe Mama
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When someone says "Ill Pray For You"

Postby Joe Mama » Tue May 14, 2019 2:01 pm

Ill be the first to admit - Agnostic is my path of choice. I have nothing against organized religion. However, I have MUCH against those who weaponize it, those who pervert it for their own righteous purposes, or even those who try to abscond responsibility or culpability in the name of their said deity.

When someone is enduring something troubling or ailing, I have (and encourage those who believe what they believe) to 'Pray for someone' - its a gesture of goodwill and positive thinking outside of ones self to show a level of compassion (provided its done in a selfless manor and not to bolster ones rightousness) But when someone uses it as a shitty comment - it makes my blood boil.

This recently happened to me from a (not so savory) car salesman. Long story short, we purchased a used car and got the 30 day temp tags.
30 days later, no title, no registration. He sends us another set.
Approaching 60 days later - still nothing. At this point he has to reach out to the DMV to get approved for a 3rd set - so, he drops off a 5 day 'transport tag' (which expired 2 days ago) The 3rd set of tags is supposed to be here tomorrow.

All of this headache pisses me off because: I jumped through flaming hoops to get you paid in full for the vehicle at your asking price. (and in such a timely fashion that you were able to expedite the transaction so that you could attend your family business)
It would appear that you were in fact NOT the rightful owner of the vehicle when you sold it. (Or you fucked up your paperwork so bad that DMV is having a hard time sorting it out - like 60+ days hard time)

So, my woman took to the internet to warn others with bad reviews and to let prospective buyers know that this guy might not quite be on the up and up (or at a minimum he does not follow his due diligence)
He then starts texting me boo-hooing because of the bad reviews, and how this is affecting his family, and how he hopes that my family never has to go through anything like this because 'Its not his fault - he's at the mercy of the DMV' He then closed it with "Ill pray for you"

Not only are you not assuming FULL responsibility, coupled with the fact that I have had to CONTINUALLY remind you that this shit isn't kosher yet, and dealing with your less than ethical processes (that cause US to run afoul of the law being in possession of this vehicle without proper paperwork) Just made my blood fucking boil. Does this mean that you are going to take the points, pay our fines and fees, plus lost time etc to defend ourselves for driving a vehicle that is titled/registered incorrectly?

I *really* don't want to have to go through the process of finding and purchasing another vehicle, but it's hitting critical mass with this bullshit.
Ive already spoken to a lawyer that said after 30 days I would have had a case. If I have to go pull the trigger on this, then the gloves will come off, and you sir will have to be the one 'praying' that you don't get your card pulled.

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Shifty D
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Postby Shifty D » Tue May 14, 2019 3:55 pm

My Momma prays for me every night my whole life and look how great I turned out! You must come to the light, Joe Mama. Just look at what prayer can do:

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Joe Mama
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Postby Joe Mama » Tue May 14, 2019 4:17 pm

:lol: Holy fuck! How could I be so blind?!

Thats one serious rollback at that WalMart!

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Postby Canuckster » Tue May 14, 2019 4:43 pm

Lol, I find it a tad offensive when someone says they'll pray for me.

It seems condescending in a way
People say they all want the truth, but when they are confronted with a truth that disagrees with them, they balk at it as if it were an unwanted zombie apocalypse come to destroy civilization.

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Postby Masato » Thu May 16, 2019 3:02 pm

If they say it after disapproving of you, or in a conflict yeah it sound pretentious and condescending.

Other circumstances I'll take it. I do believe praying works somehow, not gonna try to define it but thoughts & intentions do shape reality in a weird way imo.

On another note, I am personally starting to think that leaving bad reviews online is kind of a douchebag thing to do, lol. My wife's business got a couple ridiculously bad reviews, both by crazy women having a tantrum over shit they don't even properly understand. Just unhappy people who think they'll feel better stabbing some revenge I guess but I can't imagine the satisfaction lasts long. first world problems yo.
I will pray for these people.

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