'The Legend of Sonnen's War' - Full MMA Graphic Novel

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'The Legend of Sonnen's War' - Full MMA Graphic Novel

Postby Jehannum » Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:18 am

Masato wrote:^ dude its fucking DEAD, lol - I haven't seen it anywhere. (granted I haven't really put much effort into promoting it - I don't like doing that, I prefer to have things gain steam on their own merit)

A friend started a thread about EP 8 on the UG... it got 1 troll-reply and then got buried. I sent it to a few MMA sites I thought would be relevant, but no one posted or replied. My contact @ MiddleEasy who was very supportive for Eps 1-7 is no longer there (new crew ignored it too)

I'm also not really comfortable posting on Sherdog anymore, the vibe there is changed a lot for me. Chuck is kinda leading the energy there (and doing a great job I must say), but him turning on me makes me really uncomfortable to come around... Just not really my home anymore, but I guess I can only blame myself for leaving in the first place. Was gonna post it but just not feeling it. I posted the 'Art of...' but not the comic, I think I'll leave it at that

-You guys are rockin it though (3D shoops!! :shock: ) and am happy to have been a part of building that subculture/community in the time I was there

REALLY hoped it would liven up this forum too, but in truth it has actually gotten SLOWER since its release..!

I am used to this though, I went through it after every episode, getting excited to release it and then watching it tank lol

I really thought MMA fans would like it but maybe its just too narrow of a market, I don't know. (tl;dr?)

Kinda deflated/confused, but all in all I am still very happy/proud that I made it and am looking forward to moving on. I am all about planting/nurturing seeds, maybe time will tell
breaks my fucking heart reading this.

I know I'm too emotional but it brought tears to my eyes ... a billion times better than my "Big Trouble in Little China" comic thing and I definitely was a bit down after it got trashed so badly in the UFC section on sherdog. It did make it easier to accept my NGS failures though, knowing it was them not me :D your Sonnen Wars is legendary ... fuck em if they can't appreciate it.

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Postby BobbyD963 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:30 pm

Man I forgot how great these were and a reminder of your excellent photoshop/illustrator skills!

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