Saw GYPSY live theatre yesterday

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Saw GYPSY live theatre yesterday

Postby Masato » Mon Sep 18, 2023 2:08 pm

Wife found cheap tickets a while ago and made a date. I went along happily not even knowing what play we were seeing lol

Turned out to be GYPSY. Very well done imho, wonderful

I really like live theatre, almost no matter what the play is. They had a live orchestra/band below the stage making all the music right there on the spot and they were tight AF
Top top musicians I imagine

I find the whole artform fascinating and have a lot of respect for the actors/set designers etc etc

Really great.

Its about show business in the 1920's-40's

Anyways go see live theatre when you can, its good stuff.

We were pondering if theatre lovers back in the day when TV and movies came out might have feared that the new tech would kill the artform. I'm glad it didn't
Similar to AI today, maybe it won't kill as much as we assume


I didn't take these pics but this is the theatre.



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Postby Luigi » Thu Sep 21, 2023 3:48 am

My woman is a translator always dealing with the gypsies. At least 3 times per day there is either a drunk man arrested in the middle of the night or someone calling to complain their free housing isnt nice enough, their free money isnt enough and they'd like an upgrade. Its a damn shame all the non-Dalit DNA they picked up over the centuries hasnt helped them much in amounting to anything. Just goes to show the caste system has always been a good thing.

Oh and theatre is alright, my dad likes it and brought us to a bunch of plays as kids. I always wanted to see a performance of ancient Greek plays that have survived to today, but they are never performed in Ontario. I used to date a stage actress though who performed in some Gilbert & Sullivan shows downtown. Would have been cool to see her perform live but never got the chance.

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