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Postby Masato » Fri Dec 08, 2023 4:46 pm

Hey all

New Animated show on Netflix.

It is BEAUTIFUL, some of the coolest looking animation I have ever seen. Top quality production, made at a studio in Canada from what I understand.
Very cool, I went to school for animation and have long awaited the day when animation opened up and we got more cool stuff like this.

On the other hand, in classic Netflix style, the entire premise of the show revolves around RACIAL CONFLICT and GENDER ROLES. Specifically where WHITE MEN are the villain. Blue eyes is shameful.
This may be historically accurate I don't know, but it's a pretty weird fuckin premise to create a show about in 2023 if you ask me.
Of all the cool samurai stories one could write :roll:

I've watched just 2 episodes so far and it's obviously a trick these days to get ratings.
But in Ep 2 there is a crazy long graphic sex scene that has no purpose for the plot. After it's done the story just picks up and continues again where it left off, lol it's absurd. You could cut it entirely and the story would move much smoother.

It's so creepy imo.

Is it just coincidence that the coolest looking top animation production is gender/racial tension-based soft porn?

Very disappointing. I want to enjoy it, but it just leaves that woke taste in my mouth, it's awful
Maybe I'm being too paranoid.\

Sure looks good though visually:

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